AGM and Launch Night

PBTC’s 2019 AGM will be at Chancellor’s School on Tuesday 9th July at 8pm. Please put the date in your diary and come along. This will be followed by the launch of our October variety show. “Another Opening – Another Show”

We are looking for PBTC Members, friends and a limited number of children to take part in this exciting variety show production.  There will be opportunities to sing songs, dance, play an instrument and take part in sketches. Come along to the launch evening on 9th July after the AGM to find out more about it.


We have some great numbers for you but you’re also welcome to bring ideas for us to consider.  So whether you want to be in several numbers or just come along and sing a song please email: to register your interest and come along to our workshop evening on 12th July.  We hope to be able to include everybody, but will have to limit numbers due to the size of the stage!


If you are already booked for another show we will liaise with the Director for a suitable time slot for you to rehearse effectively to allow you to do both!