From John Finnemore, writer of Cabin Pressure, comes not one, not two, but three hilarious plays from his popular radio series Double Acts.

  • Director – Harry Harding
  • Lighting – Tristan Cameron
  • Sound – Poppy Humphries
  • Programme / Costumes – Jenny Colledge
  • Song Recordings – Rob Wallace
  • Vocals – Emily Rodell
  • Production Assistants – Gary Colledge and Robbie Crisp

The Cast

Adele – Catherine Little
Kerry – Jessica King
Joel – Frank Joshua
Henry – Ian Colpitts
Barnaby – Danny Hurley
Sarah – Victoria Polydorou

In Wysinnwyg, it’s Kerry’s first day in the Sales Support Department of Willard & Son Bath Suppliers – where she meets her horrific new boss Adele for the very first time.
Characters: Adele (playing age 40+) bossy/patronising/ruthless
Kerry (playing age 20’s/30’s) confident/manipulative

In Red Handed, Joel comes home unexpectedly early from work to find an unusual visitor in the shape of an older gentleman dressed in a suit. He is charming, suave, intelligent, well-spoken…and he just happens to be burgling Joel’s house.
Characters: Henry ( playing age 70+) Joel (playing age 20’s/30’s)

In Hot Desk, for a few minutes, twice a day, at precisely seven in the morning and seven in the evening, a receptionist and a security guard meet to swap ownership of a desk…awkward romance at its funniest!
Characters: Barnaby (playing age 20’s/30’s)
Sarah (playing age 20’s/30’s) awkward/geeky/sweet