Imagine a crowded rock concert. People are cheering, there are lights flashing, music blaring, and there, in the middle of the stage, is Jesus. Yep. That Jesus. The New Testament, the Messiah. Jesus Christ is not generally the central figure we expect in a rock show, but that’s exactly what makes the musical Jesus Christ Superstar so entertaining.

  • Director – Hailey Budd
  • Musical Director – Rosamond Savournin
  • Choreographer – David Barton

Jesus – Alex Budd
Judas – Matt Greenbank
Mary Magdalene – Gemma Evangelou
Simon Zealotes – Haydn Boxall
King Herod – Stuart Piddington-Wall
Pontius Pilate – Daniel Goode
Caiaphas – Lorenzo Culora
Peter – George Bannister
Annas – Joshua Plaut
Priest 1 – Darren Jones + ensemble
Priest 2 – Will Smith + ensemble
Priest 3 – Michael Champness-D’Abreu + ensemble
Maid by the fire – Mar Copues-Out + ensemble
Three Soul Girls (also ensemble) – Mar Copues-Out, Jess Robinson, Hayley Payne
Soloists – Michael Champness-D’Abreu, John Absolon, Darren Jones, Lisa Nnando, Sue Ridge, Deborah King, Gina Stone, Jo Simmonett, Lisa Large, Liz Gola
Herod’s Dancers – Lauryn Fasakin, Caroline Duker, Sarah Budd, Danny Diss, Jess Robinson, Maria Kleanthous, Tom Field
Ensemble – Charlotte Dibb, Emily Fisher, Doris Brozio, Julie Cox, Dorothy Hodd-White, Becky Panther, Julie Hawes, Tracey Carter