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Playhouse Creatures


Performance Dates 6th – 9th March 2024

Director – Nick Vause
Production Manager & Costumes –TBA
Stage Manager – TBA
Lighting & Sound – TBA
Props & set dressing – TBA

Tickets available from the Wylloyotts Box Office Tickets will be Available HERE Soon


About this performance

Our Spring drama production next year is the  costume drama “Playhouse Creatures” by April de Angelis – which will be presented in the Wyllyotts Studio for 5 performances from Wed 6th to Saturday 9th March 2024.

Although the set in the 17th century, this is a contemporary play with five great parts for women – and these parts range in age from early 20s to late 60s, so plenty of good acting opportunities for Company members!

The play is set in 1669 – a bawdy and troublesome time. King Charles the Second has just been restored to the throne and the theatres have  reopened after 17 years of Puritan suppression. There is a surge in new dramatic writing and the first English actresses are starting to appear on the stage. “Playhouse Creatures” focuses on some  of the most famous actresses of the time,  including Nell Gwynn, Doll Common and the great Mrs Betterton.

Much of the action of the play takes place backstage, as the women share their thoughts and feelings and explore the challenges of being the first women to work in a world previously dominated by men. This is an important, funny but also deeply moving play about a fascinating period in theatre history.

“Playhouse Creatures” auditions on Tuesday 31st October at Chancellor’s
School, 7.45pm
Following a successful and well-attended read through of the play last
week, we will now be holding auditions for “Playhouse Creatures”
There are five roles in this play, all for female actors. They are all substantial roles and most of the characters appear in nearly every scene. For information please contact the Director, Nick Vause (n_vause@hotmail.com)
The play needs a strong ensemble of experienced actors who are willing to commit to a rehearsal period that will start late November. We will aim to begin on Tues 21st November and run up until Tues 12th December. There will then be a break for Christmas and New Year, with rehearsals resuming on Tues 9th January. We will continue with rehearsals on Tuesdays and Fridays up until the performances in March, with 3 longer Sunday afternoon sessions. Dress rehearsals will be on 4th & 5th March, with performances from 6th – 9th March.